Gordon Vasquez - Producer
Gordon Vasquez

Raised in the South Bay of Los Angeles Gordon found himself involved in technology and fascinated with the algorithms of the various search engines. Technology and Entertainment was especially hot with online Video and Gordon founded RealTVfilms which brings Hollywood and New York events with candid interviews to the virtual world.

Now seen as a pioneer in providing online accessibility through Viral Video, RealTVfilms incorporates candid interviews and event coverage into the Social Media platform for fans and followers of Filmmakers, Actors, Celebrities and the Music Scene. Since its inception in 2008, RealTVfilms has produced over two thousand interviews at various events ranging from Press Junkets, Award Shows and After Parties to Charity Functions and Fashion Shows, as well as various Sporting and Music events. With a growing fan base, notably clear on Facebook (5,000+ friends) and Twitter (1,500+ followers) it is no surprise that RealTVfilms interviews average up to 20,000 views per day, making it a major player in entertainment event coverage and exposure.

With a bevy of skilled hosts on call, all uphold strong foundations in various fields of the entertainment industry. Each host boast's a resume as unique as the events she covers, guarantying a unique personality along with solid coverage for each interview. With over 40 years of entertainment experience under the combined RealTVfilms hosting belt, no event goes uncovered!